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Financial Story

Credit Solutions & Financial Harmony

Focus Five

We use the law to challenge and

correct or delete inaccurateincomplete, or unverifiable


Our program is designed to focus

on the 5 most important aspects of your credit history. 


Payment History


Credit Usage


Credit Age


Credit Mix



Our Team

Our team of Credit Experts are here to help you gain new control and hope with your finances. We advocate for you to remove any inaccurate or unverifiable items, while working to help you consolidate and pay down your bad debts. Better credit unlocks new possibilities for your financial future and can help you qualify for:

  • A new or better mortage rates on loans and credit
  • Auto loans and financing
  • Personal loans
  • Home improvement loans
  • Personal and retail credit
  • Credit cards and new credit
  • A new or better job
  • Vehicle, home, and apartment rental leases
  • Better interest rates on loans and credit
  • Better rates on insurance and utilities
  • Lower monthly payments

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Hear from our clients!


“Just before I started this journey with Angel I was already filing bankruptcy…I have been working with Angel and credit therapeutics for about two months. In those two months my Credit Score in All 3 bureaus has gone up 100+ points”.

Christina Ramos


“Everyone trying to rebuild their credit or just trying to make it better please give this page a look at Angel Colon is amazing and he gets results”.

K. Ramos


“Guys this guy is the real deal in just a month working with him my score jumped 50 points !! Excited to see how much in the next couple of months ”.

Jacqueline Santiago 

How it Works!

Step 1: Enrollment 

You’re enrolled into our program and you receive: a full analysis appointment, access to your 24 hour client portal, sign up to monitor your credit improvement and  immediate credit education including consumer rights.

Step 2: Anaylsis 

We provide an in-depth look at your credit reports. During your full analysis call, we provide recommendations specific to your credit situation and answer any questions you may have.

Step 3: Customized Plan 

We design a customized plan to help you reach your credit and financial goals. 

You’ll get specific details on how we are going to delete negative items from your credit report and help you re-write your financial story.


  • Free consultation
  • No up front fees – our credit audit fees are charged after the audit is complete
  • No hidden fees
  • Options to fit your financial situation and need
  • Start seeing results typically in the first 30-45 days
  • Unlimited disputes
  • Superior education that will not only increase your credit score but elevate your financial life
  • Money back guarantee – after 90 days if there have been no removals or score increases on your credit report we will refund all of your money back

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