Everyone Deserves A Second Chance

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, we’re empowering millennials and families to re-write their financial story

through knowledge and know how; to achieve healthy credit and build

generational wealth for Financial Harmony.

Since 2019

We Are A Full Service Credit Solutions and Financial Wellness Firm

Credit Therapeutics was founded in Brooklyn, New York 2019 by Angel S. Colon Sr.  


Our Story


Our story comes from humble beginnings. Credit Therapeutics began with a young father seeking to provide a life of financial security and create generational wealth for his family. After understanding that he was in poor financial health, he decided to go on a journey to find the knowledge and know how to rewrite his financial story and give himself a second chance. 

In order to gain control of the household, he began by informing himself of more efficient ways to track spending, cut costs and save money. Utilizing a variety of different financial planning resources, savings tactics and market research; his family has now been able to thrive, save and build financial harmony. 

On this journey, he came to a realization that finding information was simply not readily available and the information that he did come across was often inaccurate and outdated. The work that went into understanding the variables and inaccuracies that occur in the realm of credit reporting took time, research, effort and many resources. 

Armed with this knowledge; he was able to improve his financial standing in credit, debt management, budgeting solutions and his overall financial portfolio.  Angel knows what it takes to go from a low credit score to living in true financial freedom.

Because Credit Therapeutics was birthed out of the passion of a young father on an ever changing journey to improve the life and wealth of his own family; he’s now on a mission to help 100 families do the same..

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Why We Do It

We created Credit Therapeutics because we believe you deserve a second chance

at credit; just as the founder did for his family. We do it because seeing someone

rewrite their financial story makes us happy and proud to be a part of their growth.

We do it because we’re advocates on your behalf. 

Our Promise


Schedule a free 15 min call to discuss your file at any time. Feel free to ask any questions, so we can better assist you and help with your education.

We promise to always communicate with you from the start.


Credit Repair Done Right

Our credit repair program will file customized disputes with the credit bureaus, your creditors, and collection agencies on your behalf.

We will also handle responses and accelerate the process for you as necessary using advanced credit dispute tactics that are always legal.



Laws are constantly changing. While we are not attorneys; we pride ourselves on continuing to learn & then passing the information on to you.

Get equipped with some of the best knowledge & education in the Financial Repair Industry.


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