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Tasha Williams

I have some student loans that reported 90 days late dropping my scores about 33 points 2 months ago. Well, today they’re reporting current and I have my points back plus an extra 20. Still waiting on a few other items to update but I’m happy with everything so far.

Christina Ramos

Just before I started this journey with Credit Therapeutics I was already filing bankruptcy…I have been working with Angel and credit therapeutics for about two months. My credit score has gone up 100+ points and because of Angel, I have not filed for bankruptcy and honestly don’t think I will have to… I would highly recommend to any and all who are trying to repair their credit

Hector G.

Credit Therapeutics is relentless in the pursuit of bettering your credit! The staff is professional, prompt, and very knowledgeable. I highly suggest you consider them to help you get your credit together.

Kayla W.

Both personal and professional experiences have been great! As a realtor I have clients that need help with credit repair and I recommend Credit Therapeutics

Tiffany G.

Angel is a great resource for our family, both myself and my husband signed up! He explains everything so you understand exactly what is going on. 

Pierre Thomson

They are there for questions or advice you may need and your “therapist” will tell you what to do to keep improving your credit. I have been with Credit Therapeutics for 5 months now. After keeping my balances low and paying all bills on time consecutively, I eventually saw things deleted off of my report that I thought I’d be stuck with FOREVER! so I’m here to tell the next person to just TRUST THE PROCESS! This is a marathon, not a race. I appreciate Angel and the other credit therapist for all of their hard work. – Thank you!

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